9 Weekend Getaway Bag Essentials

What to pack for your next weekend getaway

By Michelle Harris

Right now, many of us are unable to go on our regular summer vacations due to COVID-19, but short trips that are closer to home are a great option for you and your family to safely enjoy the summer.

Weekend getaways are part of a healthy lifestyle and a great way to reduce stress. According to University of Vienna, people who “get away from it all” experience fewer of the physical symptoms of stress, such as back aches and headaches, and these health benefits may last up to five weeks!

A great weekend getaway starts with being well-prepared; so don’t forget to pack your weekend getaway bag essentials.

    1. The Right Bag. Having the right overnight bag for your trip is essential. A great weekend getaway bag should be lightweight and easy to carry. I always prefer a bag that is easy to organize so I can locate what I need right away.

    Your weekend getaway bag should be suited to your trip. Camping would require a totally different bag then you would need staying at a resort. You can go with wheels, over the shoulder, duffel, hard shell, tech savvy, or even a solar backpack. Choose a bag that works for you and helps make your trip go more smoothly.

    2. Snack Pack. If I am on a road trip, I not only pack for traveling, I bring snacks that you can store easily wherever I am staying. During car rides, veggie chips, nuts and protein bars are quick and easy. I always keep a small cooler bag with me filled with raw veggie sticks, hummus and fresh fruit. Of course, I never forget my Sambucol Black Elderberry Gummies. They are yummy and help to provide the immune support I need, especially while on the road.

    3. Hydrate! Keep in mind how important it is to stay hydrated and bring along your reusable water bottle. Mix things up by adding flavored water or bringing some cans of carbonated flavored water. Kids love the great taste. You can also add some flavor to water with a splash of your favorite juice and a cap full of Sambucol Black Elderberry liquid. Why not get some additional antioxidants and create a fun and refreshing beverage?

    weekend getaway essentials

    4. Short Trips Means Small Sizes. Any weekend getaway bag should include travel sizes of beauty, hair, skincare or other grooming products you may need. It also keeps your products organized and saves valuable luggage space. I always have set of re-usable small containers for all the products I need for a trip. Many companies sell travel sizes of your favorite products for added convenience. I keep a list of everything I need including toothpaste and toothbrush, contact lenses and solutions, shampoo and conditioner, skincare, cosmetics and more. Store them in a clear bag so you can grab and go anytime!

    5. Keep if Comfy! Lightweight shoes are a great start. You want something that travels well and is good for long walks. Many of our weekend getaways include enjoying nature, so hiking boots or sneakers are a necessity. Cute flats are comfortable for sightseeing and you can still feel fashionable. Know your activities in advance to cut down the footwear you will need and keep your feet happy!

    6. Electronics, Chargers and Earbuds. Now, your electronics and chargers are a must-bring for any weekend getaway! Your phone is important for everything from checking on kids, friends, family, and your pets, to ordering take out. If you are traveling with children, phones and tablets are great on-the-road entertainment. Many weekend getaway bags even include enclosures for electronics and some will charge your devices. Grab a charger, your essential electronics and go!
    7. Medications and Supplements. Have all of your necessary medications with you (another good place for a packing list). It can be difficult to get refills on the road. Your regular nutritional supplements will keep you feeling your best while traveling, so I never forget my Sambucol Black Elderberry products! Also, don’t forget to pack plenty of sunblock.
    8. Be Safe! COVID-19 means we have to be aware of our surroundings at all times. Many of the popular beaches and coastal areas may be hot spots. Consider a less crowded destination or maybe that camping trip you’ve been putting off. Wherever you decide to go, practice social distancing and don’t forget to pack your PPE essentials, such as hand sanitizer, face masks and gloves.
    9. Less is More! At least that is what I try to remember when packing my clothing. This one is not easy for me. As the ultimate over-packer on weekend getaways, I have to work at packing light. I narrow it down to one pair of pants that can be dressed up or down. Two or three shirts, activewear that can double as hiking attire, a hat (for outdoors activities in the sun) and pajamas. Opt for stretchy fabrics (that can be gently rolled up as opposed to folded) to avoid looking wrinkled or needing to iron your clothes. This way you can save room and still feel great about what you are wearing.


    Most of all, it’s important to unwind, enjoy time with your family and create memories that will last a lifetime!

    weekend getaway essentials


    Michelle Harris is the host of Alive & Well with Michelle Harris, a national TV series promoting the wellness lifestyle. Michelle is one of the media’s leading lifestyle experts and is a frequent guest on TV shows, radio shows, magazine interviews, red carpets and live events. Michelle is also the co-founder of Animal Angels, a non-profit advocacy group where celebrities promote pet health and adoptions.

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