Sore Throat Relief

When you don’t need a scratchy or sore throat ruining your day, you can rely on Sambucol’s black elderberry sore throat relief. Powered by premium black elderberries, the range features soothing throat lozenges and fast-relief cold and flu products that soothe sore throats, support immunity and help relieve symptoms*. Read More

Sambucol Black Elderberry Helps You Soothe Your Scratchy Throat with the Sore Throat Relief Range 

Sambucol’s premium elderberries are carefully selected from Haschberg Black Elderberries in Central Europe. Known as one of nature’s most powerful super berries, but how does elderberry help a sore throat? Elderberries are packed full of Vitamin C and Zinc, proven to support your immune system. When combined with the soothing benefits of natural honey, Sambucol’s black elderberry lozenge helps with sore throat relief. These lozenges can be taken daily or anytime you need to calm your dry throat. Sambucol’s black elderberry cold & flu tablets can be used with the lozenges for sore throats and fast and effective relief from 6 common cold and flu symptoms.

When Should You Take Sambucol’s Sore Throat Relief Products

Sambucol’s elderberry sore throat relief products can be used anytime you need relief. From dry, scratchy, sore throat relief to the immunity-boosting power of elderberries, the soft and chewy sore throat lozenges taste delicious and are perfect for anyone 6 years or older. The elderberry cold and flu relief tablets are suitable for anyone over 4 years of age, with the dissolvable tablet making it easy to digest. Take one tablet at the first sign of cold and flu symptoms, every 3 hours as long as symptoms persist. Taking a daily dose of Sambucol’s immune support products (available in syrup, tablets, gummies or softgels) can help support a healthy immune system*

Storage and Handling

To maintain the quality and freshness of your elderberry sore throat relief products, seal it tightly and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct light or heat that’s out of the reach of children. Read Less

Sore Throat Relief FAQ