Black Elderberry for Kids Immune Support

Sambucol's black elderberry kids’ immune support products help your child stay healthy year-round with powerful immune support from black elderberries and Vitamin C. Kids deserve the best, and the premium elderberries in every purple bottle contain health benefits to help support a healthy immune system.* Kids will love the delicious berry taste, so taking their daily dose won’t be a struggle. Read More

Black Elderberry Immune Support for Kids

Sambucol's black elderberry immune support for kids range is made from premium Haschberg elderberries grown in Europe, and specially formulated for little ones. Available in convenient and tasty elderberry gummies for kids or a delicious berry syrup for kids. Sambucol steps in when your child needs a little extra immune support* — at school, in daycare, on playdates, or when traveling.

When Should Kids Take Sambucol's Immune Support Vitamins

Sambucol's immune support elderberry supplement for kids can be taken every day and is available in a tasty syrup or chewy gummies that kids love. Packed full of immune-supporting goodness and with only 1g of pure cane sugar per gummy, your kids will look forward to their daily dose of kids' immune support.

Immune Support for the Whole Family

The whole family can enjoy keeping up with the kids and staying healthy with Sambucol's immune support. Featuring syrups, gummies, tablets, and softgels, you'll find an elderberry immune support supplement that suits each family member.

Storage and Handling

To maintain the quality and freshness of your elderberry immune support supplements for kids, seal them tightly and store them in a cool, dry place away from direct light or heat that's out of the reach of children. Read Less

Kids Immune Support FAQ