Black Elderberry Tablets

Discover the convenience and health benefits of Sambucol Black Elderberry Tablets. These tablets harness the natural power of elderberries, which are known for their immune-supporting properties.* Whether your looking for cold & flu relief or a daily immune supplement, our tablets offer a simple way to support your needs.* Read More
Perfect for on-the-go wellness, our elderberry tablets are a must-have for health-conscious individuals and families looking to support immunity. Or reach for our homeopathic cold & flu relief, at the first sign of symptoms.

Why Choose Black Elderberry Tablets from Sambucol?

Sambucol's Elderberry Tablets are a standout choice for those seeking daily immune support* or fast, temporary cold & flu relief.** They help you stay healthy and feel your best year-round.* What sets our tablets apart are the potent antioxidants from our premium black elderberries. These antioxidants help fortify the body's immune response.* Whether you’re looking for a proactive approach to your well-being* or need relief fast, our elderberry tablets are tailored to fit your needs.** Read more about the benefits of elderberry tablets.

Elderberry Tablets are a Convenient Option

Sambucol's Elderberry Dissolvable and Chewable Tablets are designed for simplicity and efficiency. They dissolve quickly or can be easily chewed, making them a convenient option for those who struggle to swallow pills. Formulated with quality ingredients, including natural elderberry extract, they ensure you and your family receive the full benefits of this powerful antioxidant. As an added bonus, they taste great too!

Where to Purchase Black Elderberry Tablets

Sambucol's Elderberry Dissolvable and Chewable Tablets can be conveniently purchased both online and at your local retail store. To explore the full range of products and purchase options, visit our Shop All page.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Elderberry Tablets

To maximize the benefits of Sambucol Black Elderberry Tablets, it's important to follow the recommended dosage on the package. Seeking ongoing immune support? We recommend consistent daily use of the immune tablets, alongside a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Feeling under the weather? When taking our Cold & Flu Relief range, simply follow the directed usage to get fast, temporary relief from 6 cold & flu symptoms. Please consult a healthcare professional for further advice based on your individual needs.

Dosage Guidelines

The recommended dosage for Sambucol Black Elderberry Tablets varies per product and by age group. Follow the specific guidelines provided on the product packaging. The chewable tablets can be taken daily as a supplement for continuous immune support* and the Cold & Flu Tablets can be taken at the first sign of cold & flu symptoms. They’re particularly beneficial during travel and seasonal changes.

Storage and Handling

Proper storage and handling are key to maintaining the quality of Sambucol's Elderberry Tablets. You should store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. We also recommend keeping the elderberry tablets in their original packaging and ensuring the container is closed tightly after each use. This helps preserve their potency and extends their shelf life. Read Less

Elderberry Tablets FAQ