Why Choose Sambucol?

Black elderberry has been used for thousands of years for its amazing health benefits. Rich in antioxidants and a natural source of key vitamins A, C, and E, elderberries are immune-supporting superfruits.* It’s no wonder why people are turning to these ancient berries for their immune health needs and why so many brands are introducing their own elderberry products.


So why choose Sambucol? What makes Sambucol stand out from other brands? Simple: We are the original. We’ve been doing this for a long time and use our own proprietary process that helps preserve the berry’s natural potency. We also offer high-quality immune support products for virtually every member of your family.*


Your health is at the center of everything we do because keeping your family healthy is the most important part of the job.

The Original Black Elderberry

People around the world have trusted Sambucol for their immune health* needs for decades. We are the Original Black Elderberry brand, originally developed by a virologist. Since then, we’ve harnessed the powerful benefits of this incredible superberry in every product.*


We are the elderberry people, focusing on nothing but this tiny little fruit since the early 1990s. When you concentrate on one thing for so long, you get to know it inside and out. We know elderberries like the back of our hands.


Our knowledge is passed on to every product we make. That’s why people turn to us when they want immune support from one of nature’s most powerful berries.* We know where some of the best berries are grown and maintain relationships with the farmers who grow them to ensure you get the highest quality product possible.

Perfection is in Our Process

Black elderberries have been used in folk medicine for centuries, and that rich history is evident in every purple bottle of Sambucol. Elderberries are full of immune-supporting antioxidants, and we take care to preserve those antioxidants in our proprietary process.* Our unique method of extracting the berries helps to preserve potency and maintain freshness. What results is a quality juice that meets the standards of strict European fruit juice laws.


Our black elderberry syrup is as close to the fruit as you can get, providing powerful benefits for immune health.* Black elderberries may help support your immune system because of their rich antioxidant content. The premium berries we source from Central Europe are some of the best in the world and contain some of the highest levels of these immune-supporting antioxidants.*


Premium berries plus our proprietary extraction method which ensures our syrups are closest to the fruit is what sets Sambucol apart from all other brands.

Immune Support* for Every Age

We know keeping yourself and your family healthy is a top priority. Staying healthy means you get to do what you love to do every day. Supporting your immune health is one of the best things you can do to make sure you never miss out on the day. Along with eating healthy and getting enough sleep, taking black elderberry every day may be a great way to help support your immune system.*


We offer high-quality products for virtually every member of your family. From babies to kids to adults, we have a product suitable for nearly every age. Sambucol can be taken daily and with so many different products to choose from, including syrups, gummies, drink powders, tablets, capsules, and more, we make it easy to stay consistent with your immune support.*


Our wide range of products for babies and kids and adults means the entire family can stay on top of their immune support* with a lot less effort than it takes to cook a healthy meal or fit in your 7-8 hours of sleep a night. All you have to do is remember to take it!

Our Family of Products

Since our first elderberry syrup in the 1990s, we’ve been innovating our products to make sure everyone finds one they’ll love. You’ll be sure to find your favorite from our wide range of immune support* products.

Elderberry Syrup

You’ll love our syrups because of their smooth, velvety texture and sweet berry flavor. They shine because of their versatility as a kitchen staple. Add them to almost any recipe you can think of — just be sure not to heat the syrup, as that can disrupt its immune support benefits.*


Our syrup is what started it all. It is our original format that has been trusted by millions for decades. We have a variety to choose from:


  • • Original Syrup for Adults
  • • Advanced Immune Syrup with vitamin C and zinc
  • • Sugar Free Syrup
  • • Elderberry Syrup for Kids
  • • Infant Drops for Babies 6 months and older

Find the one that’s right for you:

Elderberry Gummies

One of our most popular products, you’ll love our gummies because they’re soft and fun to chew. We’ve designed a serving of gummies to provide similar potency levels as a dose of our syrup.


Unlike competitor gummies that are chock-full of sugars and filler ingredients, each Sambucol gummy contains only 1 gram of cane sugar and no artificial colors or flavors.


We make gummies for both kids and adults.


You’ll love our drink powders and effervescent tablets because they’re easy to add to a bottle of water before you run out the door. Perfect for active lifestyles or to kick that boring glass of water up a notch.


Our drink powder is one of our most potent products, with the equivalent of 5.4 grams of premium black elderberry in every fast-dissolving packet. Both the powder and effervescent tablets contain added vitamin C and zinc for extra immune support benefits.*

Chewable Tablets

You’ll love our chewable tablets because of their sweet-tart flavor and easy, pop-and-go quality. They contain added vitamin C and zinc and are a perfect capsule alternative. Never forget your immune support* with tasty chewable tablets that dissolve quickly with no chalky aftertaste.


You’ll love our capsules because they’re one of our most potent products that you don’t have to taste! Our capsules combine the natural power of elderberries plus vitamin C and zinc for additional immune support.*


You’ll love our throat lozenges because they’re soft and chewable, and help soothe your scratchy throat while providing support for your immune system.*


They're especially great for the office and anytime you travel because they’re discreet and dissolve faster than a traditional throat lozenge. No more clacking against your teeth or hiding the lozenge in your cheek when you have to speak in a meeting!

Why Black Elderberry?

The Power of Nature’s Superfruit


Black elderberries are nutritional powerhouses bursting with beneficial antioxidants. They’re rich in flavonoids and anthocyanins, two types of antioxidants that may help support a healthy immune system and overall wellness.* These are what give black elderberries their deep purple color and why we only use premium black elderberries grown in the nutrient-rich soils of Central Europe. No other berry is grown quite like these elderberries.


Sambucol taps into the power of these incredible superberries in every purple bottle, providing powerful support for a healthy immune system.* We believe nature has given us what we need to live a healthy life. So we keep our syrups as closest to the fruit as possible to preserve the natural potency of our berries, the way nature intended.

Learn more about the benefits of black elderberry and how Sambucol provides powerful immune support* with its careful selection of quality, high potency berries.