First Day of School 2020

Is school safe? What to expect on the first day of school in 2020

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year. Like other firsts in your life, your first day of school will absolutely be one of the most important. This year, however, it may be one of the scariest. From kindergarten to college, experts are very divided as COVID-19 cases rise and there is an immense concern of the unknown.

With virtual, in-person teaching and this pandemic being so new, reopening schools nationwide will be accomplished in an unprecedented way.

Just released, these requirements must be checked off in many states:

  1. Safe in-person school based on local health data. Using health data, schools can physically open when its county has been off the monitoring list for 14 consecutive days. Schools that don't meet this requirement must begin the year distance learning.
  2. Mask requirements. All school staff and students in 3rd grade and above must wear face masks. Students in 2nd grade and below are encouraged to wear masks or shields.
  3. Physical Distancing and other adaptations: Staff must maintain 6 ft between each other and students. Symptom checks. Hand washing stations. Sanitation and disinfection. Quarantine protocols.
  4. Testing and contact tracing: Requirement to test staff regularly. State contact tracing workforce will prioritize schools.
  5. Rigorous distance learning: Access to devices and connectivity for all kids. Daily live interaction with teachers and students. Challenging assignments equivalent to in-person classes. Adapted lesson for English learners and special education students.

    The most obvious differences may also include frequent temperature checks and outside teaching. Keep reading for ‘questions every teacher and parent must ask before going back to school’.

    The CDC recommends that Implementation should be guided by what is feasible, practical, acceptable, and tailored to the needs of each community. As a parent or schoolteacher, does this provide comfort to you? Most likely not. This is the time to prepare and safeguard yourself and your family.

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    Back-to-School Tips for Parents


    Preparation leads to great achievements. Tomorrow you will have wished you started today.


    Before the first day of school, try these tools to help transition fear and chaos into a confident place of positive strength and wisdom.

      1. Reminisce. Days are consumed with COVID-19 news, Netflix and Zoom meetings. Turn off the TV and social media, dust off your photo album and lead the kids down a memory path of your own school days. Discuss the trials and tribulations of all the good memories from new friends and new adventures. Leading by example will help ease the fear of the unknown with trusted guidance. You got through it just fine and they will too!
      2. Craft a vision board. This is a great idea for the 2020 school season. Designing a vision board inspires hope, positive thinking and fresh beginnings to look forward to. There are no rules to vision board designing so allow the imagination to overflow. Cut out magazines and newspapers, print photos from online, use bright colored crayons and write your favorite quotes. Place this board where it can be seen every morning to help promote a positive way of thinking. This is your vision, your goals, your dreams. Happy mind, happy life!

        Here are some themes to get the creative juices flowing for each grade:

          • Elementary (Grades K–5):
            • I would love to be this when I am older
            • This makes me happy
            • What do I want to do in the fall?
          • Middle School (Grades 6–8): Self-explore and reflect:
            • Self-awareness, what do I love about myself?
            • Who inspires me?
            • What do I want in my new grade? New friends, fun teachers?
          • High School (Grades 9–12)
            • What are my goals and dreams?
            • What places in this world do I want to visit?
            • How will I stay healthy?
            • What motivates me?
          • College
            • Where do I see myself in 10 years?
            • What makes me happy?
            • What tools can help alleviate my stress?

        Schoolteachers and parents join in too! Creating vision boards as an adult is an act of mindfulness to manifest positive energy. So, pull out those glitter pens and embody this gratifying craft.

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          3. Do some shopping … online. Back to school is all about the ‘new.’ New beginnings, new friends, new teachers. So … how about a new lunchbox or a new backpack!
            Change can be rewarding no matter how small it is. has released The Ultimate Back-to-School Shopping Lists (From Kindergarten to College) with items you can easily order online. This year’s new additions may include:
              • Face mask
              • Hand sanitizer
              • Soap
            A face mask may be a requirement when heading back to school. While you can certainly buy a face mask, there are some perks to sewing your own at home. It can be cost-effective and your child participates in all aspects from choosing the fabric to designing for comfort. Try these mask sewing patterns for the entire family.
            If you prefer to purchase masks, here are our favorite reusable, well-fitted and kid-friendly options. Plus, every sale supports a good cause, which makes this an extra bonus!

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                4. Eating healthy is essential. What we consume will impact our future health. 70-80% of immunity is in the gut and our modern lifestyle, stress, diet and overuse of antibiotics are disrupting the gut microbes. Nutrition has an important role in maintaining proper immune function. Strengthening immunity as early as possible before school starts will give the support your body needs when combating outside germs.

                  A great way to keep the gut in good health is by adding nutrient-rich foods like elderberry into your diet daily. The benefits of elderberry include flavonoids loaded in essential vitamins; A, C and E. The combinations of these three vitamins floods your body with good-for-you nutrients. Learn more about Sambucol Elderberry here.

                    5. Is my school safe? Ask questions, period. Parents know better than anyone what their children need, be prepared for the first day of school and don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions:
                    • What will the seating be like?
                    • Will the classes be outside? Do we need sun protection like hats and sunscreen?
                    • Where will my child eat lunch? Can my child still purchase lunch?
                    • If a teacher tests positive for COVID-19 are they required to quarantine for 2- 3 weeks? Do all students need to stay home and quarantine for 14 days?
                    • What is the stress going to do to our teachers? How does it affect their well-being and health? Are there options to help teachers cope?
                    6. Give back and be patient. There will be an extensive amount of pressure on teachers to create a unique and safer environment. Please be patient as teachers evolve into this new normal. Show your support by easing some of the burden and provide a hand. Some ideas to help schoolteachers:
                    • Make masks for the entire classroom in case anyone forgot theirs that day.
                    • Leave a care package in the classroom with health items like immunity support elderberry gummies and hand sanitizer.
                    • Send an email asking, “How can I help you today” or “How are you doing?”


                    These small acts of kindness can make a world of difference.


                    With all the uncertainty happening around us, it is still possible to make this upcoming school year the best. Stay positive and keep learning while helping. A healthy mind and strong immunity will be a powerful player in protection. Learn more about how to build your kids' immunity starting today.

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