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Sambucol USA

Join Charon and support your immune system with Sambucol*

Sambucol USA

Join Charon and support your immune system with Sambucol*

National Crit Champion and entrepreneur Charon Smith depends on Sambucol to help support his immune system every day.* With the
help of Sambucol, Charon is working towards his goals: defending his national championship title, winning the Gateway Cup, and
keeping his body fine-tuned to perform at the highest level.

Sambucol helps Charon reach these goals by supporting his immunity to tackle every day head on.

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“Sambucol helps me to support my body and keep winning. My favorites are the gummies!”


Start every day with Advanced Immune Support

There’s no pause button to hit when you’re not feeling your best. But with Sambucol on your side, you won’t need it. Made with premium black elderberries, Sambucol helps provide advanced immune support so you can take on whatever life throws at you.

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To do big things you need to be at 100%

“I want to be my best self to have an impact and give hope to others. Sambucol helps me keep going and keeps my body in optimal condition. Life and cycling are truly a marathon, so don’t stop during your lows because on the other side is your glory filled with success.”


Tiny berries, BIG immune support*

Sambucol taps into the power of Nature’s immune-supporting superfruit* — black elderberry. These little berries pack some of the highest levels of antioxidants compared to other berries, plus key Vitamins C, A, and E.

  • The Original Elderberry Brand

  • Premium Black Elderberries

  • Trusted for Decades

  • Advanced immune support

So many ways to Sambucol

There are so many ways to support your immune system with Sambucol.*
We have products to fit everyone’s lifestyle and satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

“In this short time, I love the
gummies. They are easy to
grab and eat on the go, and
they taste amazing!”


Immune support never tasted so good.

Immune support never tasted so good.

Making sure you’re giving your body what it needs to be healthy can be hard! But Sambucol makes it easy with tons of delicious ways to help you maintain your wellness goals year-round.

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“I like the drink mix. Just a few shakes, and it is ready for use. As an athlete, having this convenient and effective daily immune support goes a long way.”


Sports and business leaders who love Sambucol

Sambucol is used and loved by some of today's highest performers in sports, music, and fitness.

Travis Mills

& MTV Host

Kaitlyn Christian

Tennis Player
& WTA Title Winner

Charon Smith

National Crit Champion
& Entrepreneur

Don’t let anything stop you

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and support your goals by supporting your immune system.

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