Valentine’s Day Wellness Gift Box

By Michelle Harris

This Valentine’s Day is a great time to keep wellness in mind! It’s really easy to create your own wellness box for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! This is a relaxing and thoughtful gift that provides a personalized wellness experience for that special someone in your life. 

Start with a beautiful bag, box, or other reusable container. This way the container is part of the gift and can be enjoyed and repurposed. For mine, I found a decorative hat box that worked well with my lavender, pink and purple color theme.

Start your box with something unique! Instead of a traditional flower arrangement, I found these beautiful floral sage sticks from Mama Wunderbar. These sage sticks arrive with fresh flowers and after the flowers dry, they can be burned along with the sage stick. Many people say that burning sage helps them with anxiety and sleep. They smell great and look very colorful in our Valentine’s wellness box.

Always include some healthy and yummy treats in your box! Sambucol Black Elderberry helps to support a healthy immune system* and it tastes great! For my box, I included a bottle of Sambucol Black Elderberry Gummies and I also mixed some gummies with my homemade, heart-shaped chocolates for a fun snack mix!

Valentine's Day Gift Basket Ideas with Sambucol Elderberry Gummies for Immune Support

For a little extra sparkle, simply add some edible sparkle sugar to make your Valentine’s Day treats shine! Heart-shaped vegan cookies are another great addition for any Valentine’s Day wellness box.

What wellness box would be complete without some relaxing spa gifts?  Candles are a must, so I chose these beautiful lavender candles made from soy. A soft relaxing eye mask and a pink loofa provide a special pampering touch to our Valentine’s box. Essential oils and aromatherapy sprays also make great additions. If your special someone is stepping up their fitness game, something high tech like a Fitbit is a great gift to include.

If your special someone is alcohol-free, you can still celebrate with a delicious alcohol-free sparkling wine, such as this one from Noughty! It’s a perfect refreshing beverage for our festive wellness box. With less calories and sugar then conventional sparkling wine, it makes a great toast!

The best gifts are always the ones you personalize with things that you know your special someone will love! Show how much you care with a great Valentine’s Day wellness box that will never be forgotten!

valentine's day gift basket ideas with heart shaped vegan cookies and sambucol black elderberry gummies

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