How to Stay Safe and Healthy this Halloween

How to Stay Safe and Healthy this Halloween

Halloween 2020: Will it be a Trick or Treat?

Halloween is creeping around the corner. The search for costumes has begun, haunting decor is finding its way out of the attic and candy corn is appearing on the store shelf.

But this 2020 feels different. Halloween peeps are missing and a mystical gloom looms in the air, will there be an evening of mischief and trick or treating? We say YES!! and THIS is the time to bring back the community spirit. With some creativity, safety rules and optimism, Halloween 2020 can be just as great as the years before (maybe even more magical).

We discussed all the challenges of Halloween 2020 with Sambucol Mom Ambassador, Michal Grappe, located in Lubbock, Texas.

Michal is all about sharing everything from motherhood to delicious farm style recipes on her blog www.michalgrappe.com and tips on how to make this trick or treat the most memorable one yet! Michal’s Son Wyatt (7 years old) will be dressing up as Captain America and her daughter, Quay (4 years old) as a fairy and the Grappe family is ready for anything that comes their way.

“For Halloween we are doing a small harvest festival at my children's school. Each grade has a booth and we will be given instructions on how to disinfect and keep everyone safe. There will be food trucks and everything will be outside so that we can be mindful of sharing the space together,” she says.

What a great idea to celebrate while social distancing!


halloween 2020 social distancing


Let’s talk trick-or-treat, the most important part of Halloween eve to any child. A new viral sensation is called the "candy chute." An Ohio man has an idea to keep COVID-19 from knocking on his door this Halloween.

Andrew Beattie shared a Facebook post of an orange and black "candy chute" he made with his 6-year-old daughter. They used an Amazon tube, wrapping paper and other materials around his house to create a touch-free trick-or-treat experience. The decorated tube with green and purple lights, is now attached to the handrail outside their home with a sign in the shape of a ghost that asks all trick-or-treaters to "place buckets here."

Andrew plans to wear a mask and gloves or use tongs to drop candy down the chute for trick-or-treaters waiting on the other side. Delivering candy safely in hopes that keeping the holiday tradition alive will create a sense of normalcy for children.


Dive into a kid’s imagination and the world can become anything they want, including a make-believe game of "What’s behind the door!."

If you prefer to stay inside on Halloween, decorate each door inside your home with Halloween décor. Then let your kids dress up and knock on each door pretending it’s a different home in the neighborhood. Create an even more genuine experience by changing your costume to deliver their favorite treat behind each door.

"It will be new for all of us to navigate the upcoming holidays, and it will take some creative solutions!" says Michal. "If things get canceled, or we need to stay home, we will do a spooky themed dinner. My plan is to have a scavenger hunt in our neighborhood and around our house with little treats hidden for them to find."

You may wish to update the way you share candy with trick-or-treaters or rethink any traditional Halloween events. CDC officials say risk can be lowered in a multitude of ways, mainly by keeping activities to your own home or backyard, or in a controlled walk around the neighborhood. Here are some different alternatives to traditional trick-or-treating:

  • Wear a face mask
  • Try not to spend a lengthy amount of time around other people
  • Clean the candy with wipes
  • Wash hands
  • Virtual Halloween costume contest
  • Carve a pumpkin in the backyard 
  • Hold a scary movie night at home with a fall snack pack and elderberry treat
  • Go on a social distancing scavenger hunt and win prizes at home

sambucol elderbery gummy immunity snack

If you find candy is an abundance this year, Michal shares a tip:

"I let my kids pick out a few of their favorite candy items and enjoy them the night we are trick or treating. But we also have a 'Switch Witch' that comes that night to take the candy and replace it with something special. So, I take the candy and leave a book and a new small toy that is relevant to their interests with a note from the 'Switch Witch.' So far, they have been really happy with this arrangement."

Switch a few pieces of candy for Sambucol Kids Gummies. This immune supporting* elderberry treat can be taken daily and tastes so good, kids recommend it!

As we head deeper into fall it’s important for kids to spend as much time outside as possible before it gets too cold.

"Bundle up and find the local corn maze, arboretum, orchards, or farms to go explore and learn!" suggests Michal. "I like to do nature walks with my kids. We collect interesting things that we see and talk about the color, shape, and texture. They can do solar prints or paint something inspired by them when we get home. I buy solar print sheets off Amazon and my kids think it is the coolest thing."

Most importantly wash hands as often as possible after playing outside.

Another important fall reminder is to support your immunity especially as schools are opening and germ exposure is on the rise.

Parents remember to take care of yourself too. 

"I love to add the elderberry syrup to food or smoothies throughout the week for my family," says Michal. "Smoothies are such an easy way to get good nutrition. I like to put as many good things in the smoothie as I can. On the cold mornings, we move to more warm foods like oatmeal and Sambucol Elderberry Syrup happens to be a delicious topping."

Learn more about the Sambucol Black Elderberry here or try new recipes.

Happy Halloween!

sambucol elderberry halloween 2020 kids game

michal grappe Michal Grappe is a lifestyle blogger and Sambucol Mom Ambassador. She shares the joy of motherhood and spreads the gospel of living a lifestyle that cultivates joy and connection on her blog.


Find Michal Grappe at michalgrappe.com and on Instagram @michalgrappe.

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